About Us


Universal Sound has vast experience in the production of Foley tracks dating from 1973; from feature films to television drama, animation to natural history, computer games and commercials. We can provide Foley tracks to enhance any production, irrespective of budget, adding reality and drama while facilitating easy production of music and effects tracks for international deliverables.

Unlike most other facilities that use the dubbing theatre to record Foley in, hiring freelance Foley artists when required, we have dedicated Foley suites and in house Foley artists allowing an unprecedented focus on the production of Foley. There is no compromise at Universal Sound; we aim to create the very best Foley tracks on every occasion and with unprecedented scheduling flexibility.

Universal Sound is based in Amersham, Bucks, only 25 minutes from central London by train, on the underground network and easily accessible by road. We have three purpose built Foley suites, each comprising a fully soundproof and acoustically treated Foley studio and its associated mixing theatre.

Studio One is primarily designed for feature films, with the spacious theatre overlooking the sunken Foley studio, separated by an eight metre soundproof glass wall. Picture is provided by an eight meter projected screen, allowing a superb view of artists and picture at once. The Foley studio has a vast array of props and surfaces together with an integral water effects area, allowing just about any conceivable effect to be made.  Recording is to Protools HD up to 192KHz and 24 bit ensuring the sounds made are accurately captured for your project.

Studios Two and Three are primarily designed to provide Foley for television productions. They each have a wide range of surfaces and props, and their own water effects areas.  Each has projected picture and again recording is to Protools HD.

In addition is a heated and air conditioned 10m long water effects pool for those water effects requiring a large volume of water.
We can offer complete Foley packages including Foley supervisor, mixer, artists, fitting and editing, delivering the Foley ready to go straight into the mix, or are equally happy to work alongside Foley editors or with freelance Foley artists of your choice.  We can customise the Foley to your exact needs, layering the sound and adding perspective and ambiance to take the Foley beyond the norm and into the realms of sound design.

IMDb links: Simon Trundle, Paul Hanks, Ian Waggott, Ben Cross, Phill Barrett

For more details or to discuss requirements for individual projects, call us on 01494 723400 (+44 1494 723400) or Foley@UniversalSound.co.uk.